One of the founders of self-image transformation, Dr Maxwell Maltz, once said: “You can never outperform your self-image.” He was right!

How many times have you focused on a goal only to fall short? Self-image.

How many times have you beaten yourself up for past mistakes or failures? Self-image.

If you truly wish to change your results, you must go to the root cause, and that lies within your own self-image.

3 Daily Habits to Alter Your Self-Image

In a moment, we will discuss the three transformational habits you can start today to positively affect your life.

These ideas are not pie-in-the-sky or wishful thinking, they are backed by science and have created miracles in people’s lives.

Before you read this list and post it somewhere you can see every day, make a commitment to yourself to see these habits through for at least 28 days. Say it in your mind. Feel it.

“I will commit myself to these daily habits for no less than 28 days.”

If you can do that, you’ll be amazed at the transformation that comes from these easy, simple-to-follow, backed by science, daily habits.

What Is Self-Image?

Before we go into the habits that will fundamentally change your life, we need to understand the self-image. We need to know what it is, and how it’s holding you back.

Your self-image is nothing but a collection of beliefs, whether true or not, that you have adopted as part of your nature.

Maybe you think you’re a terrible speller or no good at math? Maybe you feel you aren’t meant to make above a certain pay scale? Whatever your belief, it is the part of you that “believes” what you can and can’t achieve.

Your self-image may come from a teacher, your parents, your religion, the media, and even yourself.

Your self-image is nurtured by your thoughts and your real-world lived experiences, but they aren’t fixed. They can be changed.

It Starts With Three Little Letters: R-A-S!

Let me introduce you to the command centre for your self-image. It is defined by three little letters: R-A-S.

Think of the reticular activating system (RAS) as Google for your brain. It searches for whatever you tell it to and finds it, no matter what!

The RAS is your brain on autopilot. If you fill your RAS with misery and negative thoughts, it will find it in your environment. If you think of wealth and abundance, it will find that too.

These three habits will be speaking directly to your RAS, so it’s important to know that the RAS is absolute. What you give it, it will find.

1. The Power of Meditation

Meditation has been used for centuries to connect to the source of all wisdom in the universe. Meditation is scientifically proven to change our brainwaves and our vibration.

The reason meditation is the first habit is that consistent meditation practice helps with focus, visualisation, and relaxation. These are all important to speak directly to your RAS.

We recommend using one of these three meditations:

By committing to one of these meditations, you will be strengthening your RAS muscle for the next exercise on the list.

2. The Power of “I Am”

Dr Wayne Dyer and many other successful motivational speakers have talked about the power of these two words for decades. When used with meditation and visualisation, these two words speak directly to your RAS and change your self-image.

These words create positive self-affirmations that counter your negative self-image.

  • I am a brilliant communicator
  • I am at peace with my surroundings
  • I am a lean, mean, clean-eating machine

Make 15 to 20 phrases and say them each morning and night. Make sure to act as if and add emotion to your words.

Feel them. This supercharges your RAS.

3. The Power of Visualisation

When you add visualisation to your meditations and self-affirmations, your RAS is primed to go into Google-mode.

The most important thing to remember is to think about what you want and not what you DON’T want. Each day, spend 10 to 15 minutes visualising your goals.

The RAS can’t tell what’s imagined from what is reality. That’s why visualisation is SO powerful! Visualisation literally turns your dreams into goals.

Time for a Self-Image Makeover?

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