As any parent knows guiding your children through teenage years is no easy feat. For some it’s the most challenging seven years of their life – so what can you do to make this transition easier? Sasha Lester, a certified Proctor Gallagher consultant and parent to two teenagers doesn’t hold back when it comes to talking about the hard stuff, ie sex, drug addiction, trafficking, cutting, suicide etc etc etc. The teenagers of today are our leaders of tomorrow and we have a responsibility to not only hear what they have to say but to listen and understand.

Candid Conversations with Heidi Horne | Episode 07

Join me as I chat with Heidi Horne, an Australia mum of two, who has now applied her 25 years ...
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All about ME and my WHY | Episode 06

A little bit about ME and my WHY. What drives me to do what I do, to help parents all ...
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Candid Chats with the Cyber Safety Tech Mum | Episode 05

Join us as we talk candidly with The Cyber Safety Tech Mum - Ms Nicolle Embra.  Nicolle shares with us ...
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Stupid Shit My Kids Have Done| Episode 03

There is no denying that kids do stupid shit, however, the level of crazy can go from one extreme to ...
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Book Chapter

Book Chapter | Episode 02

Successfully getting your children through the 1825 days of teenage life isn’t easy. Most of the time it’s downright horrible ...
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When your teen decides to move out of home | Episode 01

No parent is ever prepared for their child to move out of home, least of all when it’s a sudden ...
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