You are probably aware of your zodiac sign, but did you know that you also have an earth sign?

I was once told that one of the reasons that my son and I don’t get along all that great is that we are complete opposites in earth signs.

Apparently, your differing earth sign can make parenting a teenager more difficult, especially if you don’t know how to deal with earth signs.

Let me explain.

Finding Your Earth Sign

My son is a fire sign and I am water.

It was explained to me in simple yet effective terms that when he is right ‘fired’ up then there is no amount of water that will bring him back down to reality.

Similar to bushfires with a few waterbombers, it’s going to take time to dissipate the anger. When I am at my all-time high, my son can do nothing but wade it out, similar to a flood.

This will explain also why daughter and partner get along so well with my son, and myself, separately. They are both air.

Understanding earth signs is one of the keys.


Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer are the three zodiac signs that are considered water signs. Water is liquid, liquid could be tears, rivers, or tsunamis. Once they start, it’s hard to stop.

Going with the flow, people who are water signs are often intuitive and emotional. Water signs are hurt easily and can be very moody.

Water signs love to know things, secrets that they aren’t necessarily supposed to know.

Connect with your water sign teen by sharing information with them, trusting them with something important.


Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are all air signs. Air signs tend to be very communicative and logical. They love to be social and they are not worried about what anyone else thinks of them.

Sometimes air signs can be indecisive, as air does flow very freely. Air signs also can be cold, like a breeze. They are known for “ghosting” or getting over things quickly.


The earth signs are Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. Earth signs are drawn to what is real and what they can see and touch.

Earth signs tend to be workaholics, productive, extremists, and stubborn. Being set in their ways is very earth-like. Consider their faults mountains that need to be climbed.

Earth signs tend to be able to get along with any other sign, the way the earth can go with air, water, or fire. Earth is able to guide the other signs to calm them or enrage them.

The best way to get along with an earth sign is to feed them! Metaphorically help them grow with some nutrients.


Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo are all considered to be fire signs. Fire signs are passionate, warm, and full of energy. Being very competitive, fire signs often have a hard time staying still.

Their bursts of enthusiasm often have them overcommitting. Fire signs also tend to get a little… fired up. They like to be the centre of attention and are often vain.

To get along better with a fire sign, get them talking. Distractions and talking about themselves work best when dealing with an upset fire sign.

Parenting a Teenager

Thinking very logically about how these elements work together, you can decipher how two people will get along. You can also use this information to help defuse, or attempt to defuse, a situation with your teenager.

You can consider your teenager the most dramatic part of their element. Fire is a wildfire, the air is a tornado, water is a tsunami, and earth is the Grand Canyon.

Your fire is going to need a lot of steady water to put the wildfire out, and not adding and fuel to the fire. Air and water will die down, you need to wait it out. And the earth will climb out of its hole eventually, they might need a ladder.

Don’t Worry: I Can Help

Now, you may think this is all a bit odd. But parenting a teenager, and as much of a non-believer you may be, astrology and zodiac signs have shown to have an effect on people.

Give me a call and we can chat about any issues you may be having with your teenager. I can help you navigate this difficult age with grace and improve your relationship with your child.