Don’t Waste the Next Six Months – Set Your Goals Now!

The first half of the year has nearly passed, and you are no where near as close to achieving any of your goals as you thought you would be . Goal setting at the beginning of each year is a tradition, it’s kinda the ‘done thing’. But then you reach Australia day / mid January and POOF” – your so-called goal is out the window. It’s not all uncommon to lose your way somewhere as the days go by, beating yourself up for not reaching your goals. But guess what, you can pick yourself back up – and effectively.

A common notion about goals is that we can only set them during critical events. You don’t have to wait till Christmas, New Year’s, start of the new financial year or even your birthday to sort out your goal.

Start NOW.

When we’re talking about self-development, YOU get to decide how to use your time without any barriers in terms of special events.

NOW is as good a time as any to rethink your goals and set them again. With careful consideration of your previous dreams, current state, and help – if you need it – you can begin your journey to self-improvement again.

Rethinking Your Previous Resolutions
Okay, starting off easy. Think back on all the goals you had set for yourself at the beginning of the year or even recently. Or previous ‘goals’ that didn’t quite come to fruition. When you take your previous failures into perspective, you can better pinpoint how to work through those problems. Ultimately, you can get better at making new goals and working toward them.

What You Achieved – And How?
Yes, your goals may have been ambitious. But you were indeed able to go to some length in fulfilling those objectives. Consider what your motivation was during that period. If possible, note down how you pushed yourself to make the progress that you did.

Whether the motivation was good or bad – you can think about it later. But first, try to remember and note those ideas down to see if you can work with them again.

What Did Not Work? Why Not?
Now, it is time to think about your obstacles. It could be your personal shortcomings or your circumstance. Think about your previous goals and at what point you stopped working toward them. Alternatively, at what point did you realize you would not be able to reach this goal?

As you answer these questions in your head, note them down. We all fall victim to some common patterns in setting goals – having unrealistic ambitions is one of them. If that is the case with you, leave that for consideration when you set new goals.

What Areas You Can Improve in
Are there any shortcomings you have identified yet? When you consider your previous methods, you can look back on the effective and ineffective steps you took. Therefore, it can give you insight into which areas you fell off slightly on your path. Take the new wisdom to go forward in setting your latest goals.

Remember, regret can not be productive in any path to achieving a goal. Think of yourself in the situation you were in when you failed to reach your goal sympathetically. Only then can you try again and be better at navigating the rocky path you had before.

You Can Start Again – Setting Goals Anew
It goes without saying but you are in control of your time. The conventional way is to set goals at a significant event in our lives – but you can break out of that mentality. You can set your goals now – with better preparation and motivation than ever. Let’s look at a rough process of developing and fulfilling objectives more efficiently right now.

Be Assertive in Your Abilities
Setting goals at a random time of the year feels odd – but do not let that stop you. It takes time and work to get into the mindset that you can achieve anything, which is alright. But, keep in mind that if you choose to work on something right now, you can make more progress in a week than you would while waiting for New Year’s or Christmas to start.

Making a Plan with Self-Awareness
You have a list of successes and failures in goal-achievement in your hand already. So, while you consider what works and what does not, you understand how to use your abilities better. The more self-aware you are of your strengths and weaknesses, the better you can assess what goals are achievable.

No one is perfect – we all have weaknesses in matters big or small. But only after admitting them to ourselves can we make any progress. So, if you have any weak point that you feel ashamed of or insecure about, consider it a trait to work on. There is no shame in being proactive in something you are not good at yet.

Setting Realistic Goals
Now, you are ready to set some goals for yourself. Start from the simplest things that you would like to achieve. Then, go toward the more challenging ones. When you have a handful of objectives you would like to fulfill, consider how possible they may be for you.

You have to find the sweet spot between being realistic and being ambitious. Challenge yourself, but do not exhaust your body and mind. Therefore, set smaller goals and make them bigger as you progress. This will give you room to fail and try again if you need to.

Mindset and Thinking Into Results
Having the correct mindset can change the game in your progress to achieve your goals. You can take baby steps to ensure you are focused on what you want to achieve. If you get distracted, you may fall behind. And if that is what happened to you before, do not worry – you can always use help and try again.

Thinking into Results is a program that offers mindset insight through 1:1 consultations. You can reclaim your confidence to progress further in your work, and get closer to fulfilling your dreams. Through the 24-week course period, a coach will work with you to build your mindset with weekly lessons and practice. Contact us for any consultation needs or questions.

Goal setting is easy. But actually taking action to accomplish them is a totally different story. But understanding what’s getting in your way to achieving your goals, taking appropriate action and of course with a little discipline, you can easily achieve all of your goals one by one.