At the age of 24 and without any formal training or education Regina Gulbinas stepped into the world of corporate reorganization. Armed with only her natural God-given gifts and abilities to bring financial chaos back to order and profitability she fully committed her life to be of service to entrepreneurs, CEOs, and leaders. When she began her career, most of her clients were at the very least twice her age. This alone was very intimidating. Her passion and desire to help CEOs and entrepreneurs motivated her to continue moving forward and her unstoppable desire to succeed was the fuel she needed.

As Regina continued to learn, evolve, grow, and thrive in this new environment, at the age of 29 she finally filed for divorce from an abusive husband. With two small children and just a few pieces of clothing she walked away from her home.
Left to entirely raise her children by herself and fully financially responsible for 3 people Regina forged ahead. She maintained her focus on raising her children while rebuilding their lives. Meanwhile, she stayed true to her calling to guide and support entrepreneurs, CEOs, and leaders in need.

As of today, Regina has helped over 100 businesses to overcome financial chaos and achieve profitability. As of 2019 Regina also began working with online entrepreneurs helping them succeed and create profitable online businesses.

Join me as I chat candidly to Regina about how she navigated through the teenage years with her two daughters. It is nothing short of amazing.

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