Join me as I chat to Fay Chan who is a Certified EFT Tapping Practitioner and she uses Tapping to help her clients alleviate stress and anxiety associated with a wide range of issues.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a powerful healing modality which incorporates the wisdom of Chinese Acupuncture with Western Cognitive Psychology; EFT, or Tapping aims to ease emotional and physical discomfort caused by blockages in the body’s energy system.

Tapping uses the fingertips to tap on various points on the face and upper body as a way of releasing stress, anxiety, negative beliefs and re-balancing the body’s energy system.

For Fay’s Tapping sessions, she helps unhinge unworkable cycles that seem to just repeat over time despite different circumstances. Usually, it’s women who are working mums who seek out Fay’s services first, then she very soon after the whole family gets tapping sessions because of how miraculous it is.

Fay has been working privately with adults, teens & children and some of the issues her clients have frequently talked to her about:

*general anxiety
*emotional eating/drinking
*disrupted sleep
*fear of failure
*confidence and self-worth
*anger, frustration & rage

You can find tapping videos, tips and other resources on Fay’s social pages and she’s very much looking forward to introducing you to what Tapping