Join us as we talk candidly with The Cyber Safety Tech Mum – Ms Nicolle Embra. 

Nicolle shares with us the first time she left her eldest daughter alone on the laptop so that she could check on her younger sibling, when it suddenly dawned on her that her daughter could be clicking on anything. What if she had clicked into a work email or the banking website where she had been paying bills? Worse still, what if one of those adds on the side of the browser featuring a scantily clad woman had caught her attention? 

Nicolle uses the skills she has developed over her 20 year + IT career, and started researching and configuring safety settings on her own laptop and mobile phones, and now, wants to impart all this information (including my own experiences) and practical steps to others so that we can increase our child’s  safety when they are online and help them to become responsible digital citizens with healthy screen time habits.  Nicolle is dedicated to ensuring that information is shared in bite sized portions and in everyday language so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and that you are kept up-to-date with current trends.

Nicolle can be found at or 

As always there is a bit of laughter and a few stories thrown in on the side (I have plenty). 

 Enjoy. Xx